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Skin. Sent from Heaven.

Social media is meant to be just that – social. Follow us online and receive updates, discounts, and inspiring stories. Your natural skin is a heavenly s(c)ent gift; love it!.

Feel Good

Get pampered with our invigorating shower gels & your skin will whisper in a soft setting tone 100% secure purchases for your peace of mind.


Hand Crafted

Having a Heavenly Scent is more than smelling good – it’s smelling good while wearing what’s good for you too.


100% Natural

Care for your skin in the natural way. 100% natural ingredients that work with you and your skin, not against.


Therapeutic Care

Natural ingredients backed by real history. Dry, sensitive skin? Learn to love your skin again.

Please Note: Heavenly Scent shipping will be on hold. No orders will currently be fulfilled. Dismiss